Fjellet blir spegla i Finnafjorden, ein fjordarm av Sognefjorden. Foto: Rolf M. Sørensen

Foto: Rolf M. Sørensen

Sogn og Fjordane County Municipality

Sogn og Fjordane County municipality has more than 1400 employees and has regional responsibilities in areas such as education, transport, dental care, culture and regional development.

Sogn og Fjordane county municipality is governed by politicians elected by popular vote.

The county council, consisting of 31 representatives, is the supreme political body, making decisions concerning the county.

The county council has created three main committees. In certain matters they have decision making authority, in other they prepare matters for the county council. The three committees are the committee for transport, the committee for education and the committee for planning, development and culture.

Each committee has nine members, chosen by the county council.

The county mayor of Sogn og Fjordane is Jenny Følling, who represents the The Centre Party. She is also the chairman of the county council and has the highest political position.

Based on Sogn og Fjordane County Council’s WEALTH CREATION PLAN Priorities for international cooperation

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