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People-elected management

The Sogn og Fjordane County shall ensure that we have an effective and functional democratic county management, where its directly elected county council is the county's premier political governing body.

The county shall execute and further develop its common interests. This work shall be done within the frame of the national community and with the aim to achieve a sustainable development.

The county shall be an active regional development and cooperation player.

The county is responsible for preparing a county plan. This work is done in close cooperation with municipalities, government, businesses, unions, education and trade skill institutions and other collaborating bodies. The county plan shall coordinate the state, county and municipality's activities within the county.

The Sogn og Fjordane county council is an open organization that will engage in active information about its activities. The county council shall prepare the best possible conditions for public access to the county’s administration.

The county council shall have an efficient and effective management adapted to its responsibilities and tasks.

Sogn og Fjordane fylkeskommune, Askedalen 2, 6863 Leikanger, Tlf: 57 63 80 00
Ansvarleg redaktør: Ingvild Ramstad
Teknisk ansvarleg: Stein Helge Hellebø